samedi 2 avril 2016

The Future and Technology

  Since the start of civilization, human beings developed life and technology.
  I do believe that in fifty years, robots will probably do everything instead of humans who are just going to be controlling and manipulating these machines. We will be able to drive flying cars that will ease shifting and travelling to planets in space that will be considered as counties.
  I think that we will eat seeds containing all the vitamins that our bodies need instead of fruits, vegetables and all the regular current daily dishes. Our clothes will be electronic, in some way to be controlled by our phones that simply adjust their temperature according to the weather, body temperature or according to what the user wishes.
  I also do believe that today’s incurable diseases will finally disappear due to scientists’ efforts and developed technology; so we will not need to go to hospitals anymore looking for remedies to these illnesses.
  Regarding the human side, I hope that all the inequalities and worldwide issues stop existing so that all humans benefit of the most favorable living conditions.  

Mohammed Benajiba.